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The Mission

Dr Francis Wamonje (PhD)

Plant Virology, Entomology and Genomics

At the Plant Science Centre, our goal is to grow the visibility of plant and insect research. 

How will we do this? Through a Storytelling blog, Books and converting science facts into Art.

We shall write and share inspiring, witty and incredulous stories and infuse those with links to the ‘state of the art’ in research. Think of it as ‘science fiction’ -where the science is real, and the stories may be real. After all, nothing beats the lived experience of making science real, accessible and enjoyable. 

Stories of Jaba Blog

Founder’s Note

Dr Sirengo’s signature: How one man’s gift keeps giving, almost 40 years on The careers that define us can at times come about through unplanned incidences. Such was the story of a young lady, with a months old baby and pregnant with another. She wanted to be a teacher. By

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FINDING DICISTRO (pronounced ~ die-sees-tro)

My PhD mentor, Professor John Carr and I were raring to go. It would be our first fieldwork experience since I began my PhD at the University of Cambridge in the Molecular Virology Lab. We were on a virus discovery mission and primarily looking to catch viruses transmitted by aphids.

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Part 2: Lehman brothers has crashed…with the snow peas

On September 15 2008, Lehman Brothers, a giant US investment bank, went bust precipitating a global financial emergency. Three days later, Hank Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary accompanied by the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, addressed the US parliament with a stark message. If they did not authorize

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